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A Few Words About Figgie

Figgie Couture is the world’s preeminent purveyor of custom hand-painted shoes. Figgie is wearable art, a one-of-a-kind fashion statement of luxury, style, and individuality. These are a true original.

Deborah Thomson is the artist behind Figgie Shoes. Since her accidental start (she started painting shoes as a favor for a friend), she received requests from people in over 40 countries all over the globe, and regularly ships products to almost every continent. More than just a number in a mass of emails, each client is important to Deborah. Each order is equally important to her, each pair of shoes is uniquely designed for them.

“I’m all about little details and hidden surprises," Deborah says. “My favourite part is hearing and seeing firsthand the reactions from my clients when they first open their shoebox. That reaction makes all the time and effort so worth it.”

The Figgie team has expanded rapidly (and continues to expand!), and we love connecting with people all over the world hearing their stories and bringing them to life on shoes. If you have questions about Figgie, our process, our company, or just want to chat (what woman doesn’t love talking shoes?), drop us a line.

Handpainted Pink Ballet Flats

Mon cœur sera
à vos pieds.

Kind Mentions

“Deborah customizes each pair of shoes to tell the couple's personal love story, and they are a sight to see!”

“Deborah Thomson, the talented artist also known as Figgie, can paint on pretty much any shoe.”

“What a great idea for those brides looking for a way to add a personal touch to their wedding day!”

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, please send all enquiries to

Custom Yellow Floral Ballet Flats

pour vous.

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